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Reginald Carr  Aka "Reggie Rocko"

Trump Supporter/Businessman, Ceo, Consultant,Political Activist, Conservative, Radio Host Producer,Publisher,Writer,Musician & Director of My Mission Non-Profit.


"Time to teach"



I understand politics and plan to run for office in some capacity one day in the near future. I will be brutally honest about most things,(Like President Trump) but I do understand sometimes the public can not and will not know everything about the world we live in and the difficult decisions one must make for the betterment of mankind. This is why I'm a true supporter of President Trump. President Trump is a strong leader, super smart, incredible person, who loves people and his country very much, But make no mistake about it he will make any and every tough decision for the betterment of America and her people, please believe it, Yes,that's why I'm A Trumpster!

Anthony Simonetti

District Social Media Promotions Radio Co Host & Team Leader In charge of Social Media Promotions, Marketing . Aka" Online Beast".

Johnny Thomas Jr.

Trump Supporter/Entrepreneur Political Activist

Some have called Mr. Thomas . . . "A Creative Genius who is light years ahead of his time and the game”. Beyond the creative side of the business, Mr. Thomas, Founder, and CEO of Kassflo Ventures, LLC has developed the business and interpersonal skills necessary to lead several game-changing events. He maintains close personal relationships with many executives and personnel within the industry. These affiliations and contacts help secure funding for several projects currently under development. He currently serves as President Trump's eye and ears on the path to make America great again. Yes, he is a Trumpster.

The Team

Board Members

Trump Supporter in charge of day to day meetings for I'M A TRUMPSTER.US. Also sets the goals for sales and fundraising. Reports directly to CEO Reginald Carr for all matters of approval needed functions. Adam is a true conservative and President Trump affiliate

Elsa Tadesse

Trump Supporter /Entrepreneur & Activist

I was Born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S.A at the age of 10 in search of a better life and opportunity. I quickly learned there are hardships were ever you go and life is not easy. Coming from a broken family myself I briefly lived in a group home at the age of seventeen. Truthfully I made some decisions that weren't in my best interest and ended up having to raise a family of my own..on my own. That's why this company means so much to me. You never can judge a book by its cover because you don't know the trials and tribulations people have been through. Even though I struggled for everything, I always took the time to care for others that were less fortunate than myself and I realized that everyone needs help sometime during life.."My Mission" is to provide an avenue to (Help) as many people as I can. That is why I'm devoted to President Trump, he's a great caring man who loves people and his country. He's very tough but at the same time gentle and understanding. Yes, he is just what I needed and what America needs to get back on track, that's why I'm a Trumpster and will always support this President.

ELSA 2.jpg
Chang Lee

Trump Supporter/GM & Lobbyist For Pro LIFE


I am a senior service delivery manager with international experience managing with responsibility managing large projects/ operations. My experience also includes global travel. My management style is to foster a positive, hard-working environment that enables my direct reports and partners to succeed with me. With experience in senior management roles, my mid-long term goal is the General Manager/Director level. To compliment my existing business experience and partners.I'm A Trumpster! President Trump is a very good leader and I think one of the greatest presidents ever. He touches my soul and inspires my heart to do what I do. I will do everything I can to get this great man a second term in office, god knows we need him America needs him. 

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